I am trying to write something but words did not come to my mind… sometimes I feel so lost and sometimes I want to conquer the world. I should go with the second option but it’s hard. I am in my own world with to many projects and I know I will do it.

Everything is going to be fine at last.


You in my life…SUN

I was away from a while but I am here now. I need to write, gives me energy.

There are changes in my life, big changes but great ones.

I have an inspiration, Sun is my inspiration in life.

I need the Sun to live to laugh and now to love.

I love the SUN

A letter for my Sun…


I was about to write my feelings last night, but I was so tired and didn’t want to do it like that.

I want to take the time to express my feelings openly and sincerely with someone who has put my world upside down in a good way.

The last 5 months, my life has changed gradually it came from completely dark to bright light.

The most beautiful sunshine has come to me and my whole life changed.

Everything started last year, he asked me if he can text to me and I said no. It was a little funny because I told him I was married and much older than him but he insisted. He saw the deep sadness in my eyes and he wasn’t wrong my soul was lost and sad.

We started texting every week, every other day, every day, every hour until we couldn’t  stop texting at all, days and nights even though we have different timing. We live on the other side of the world to each other. But we always find the way.

I always think there is a reason for everything in this world. He came to me because I needed to be loved and heard. I know he found me and he insisted because he saw something in me that he only could see.

I feel something special for you my love, I feel alive when I think about you and I am crying while I´m writing this letter. I am afraid too, I am afraid of too many things but the most scary thing is to lose you. We all know we have to leave this world some day but I am not prepared to lose you.

I know I have a life already and it makes things complicated sometimes but you are so good to me and you understand me. You love me and I know you got through so many things that broke you but I´m trying to paste all the pieces of your soul that were broken and I think I’m already doing it.

I want you to know that I can be sad, mad, upset, angry and all but I never, ever gonna leave you and I want you to believe my words and don´t take my anger as a sign to leave you because I will never do it.

Forgive me for my fears, anxiety, doubts I was never be like that in my whole life, this is new to me. I want you to know that. I suffered a lot but never experienced such a feeling my sun. I don´t cry for nobody, I don´t cry at all and look at me now. I can express myself with you and that is something that I want to live everyday only with you by my side.



A Letter to the Sun……… — Boundless Blessings by Kamal

45 DEGREES – TEMPERATURE IN MANY PLACES AROUND THE GLOBE AND SOMEONE WROTE A BEAUTIFUL LETTER TO THE SUN: Dear Sun………. If You may Please go to Computer Settings Kindly display Brightness and Lower your Brightness We are sweating like pigs Temperatures are sky-rocketing Please, it’s too hot to Handle You! Sun’s Reply……. I have […]

via A Letter to the Sun……… — Boundless Blessings by Kamal

With you in pain

When your heart fail in pain mine suffers too. I can feel you that much, I woke up this morning thinking about you, more than usual. I hope I can help you.

My heart feels you Sun, I believe in you.



Love of my life / El amor de mi vida

descarga (1)
A letter for you
Im leaving you and you don´t know that. It hurts inside me not to tell you yet. I know i have to do it eventually but not now. Now we have to enjoy life, enjoy what we have. I love you so much, i will say you are the love of my life. I loved you more than me. I still do. I´ll miss you but I know I´ll see you soon.
Una carta para ti
Te dejo y no lo sabes. Me duele no contártelo todavía. Sé que tengo que hacerlo eventualmente pero no ahora. Ahora tenemos que disfrutar de la vida, disfrutar de lo que tenemos. Te quiero mucho, diré que eres el amor de mi vida. Te amé más que a mí. Todavía lo hago Te extrañaré pero sé que te veré pronto.
Siempre tuya

Confessions of the Moon / Confesiones de la Luna


I have the necessity to put what my heart say in a paper, my bad behavior that I am not tolerate in others is what hurt the most today.

I know I´m not supposed to act like I did. It´s no need. But something happens inside me. Seeing you trying to talk to me and not answer because I was on my own world it´s not fair for both of us, especially for you. I´m trying to work on my emotions but I love you and that make things a little more difficult to me.

We have more than a connection, I can feel your pain, your heart, your love. I needed you too much but I have to learn that others need the sun to live too.

Please forgive me….always yours  MOON

Tengo la necesidad de poner lo que mi corazón dice en un papel, mi mal comportamiento que no tolero en los demás es lo que más duele hoy. Sé que no debo actuar como lo hice. No es necesario. Pero algo sucede dentro de mí. Verte tratando de hablar conmigo y no contestar porque estaba en mi propio mundo no es algo para nosotros, especialmente para ti. Intento trabajar en mis emociones, pero te quiero y eso me dificulta un poco las cosas.

Tenemos más que una conexión, puedo sentir tu dolor, tu corazón, tu amor.

Por favor perdóname….Siempre tuya LUNA

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