Story of our life

At the beginning I didn’t believe this dream could’ve change my life in the way it did.

I was working one morning and someone sent me a message in a social media app my account was not private so everyone could’ve texted me but it was him, that especial person who saw my eyes that sad on my profile picture that decided to text me. I answer but I wasn’t used to talk to strangers. He texted for several weeks and my answers were barely consistent. Something in my head said it was nothing bad to talk to someone. So I kept in contact with him for a couple of months every week. Every time our conversations were more often at the point that I was expecting his text. We did not know each other so I asked him to call me on video. We didn’t stop since that day. He became the more important person in my life. Someone who takes care of me, look up for me, my family, my health, my life. I didn’t have the honor to meet him yet but I know I will.

Our connection is unique, we feel the same for each other. It’s an unbelievable story, we cry, we laugh, we fight, we sleep together on call. He lives in the other side of the world but is here next to me all the time. I feel protected and loved. Feelings that only can have with him. When we started this wonderful adventure we both were damaged, both suffered of love and were both abandoned. I was heartbroken and so devastated and let other person to take advantage of my feelings till he made me open wide my eyes. He taught me how to deal with my fears even though he was more scared than I was. Day by day I learned how to love me more and more.

I value more than anything, no one can destroy me, only me. no one can drag you to the point to want to die, it’s always a way. We are the way. We are scared but we are healed, we know we will have them inside our hearts like a beautiful memory. But we love each other so much that everything else is now superficial.

In this life and the next lives I chose you as my soulmate and the love of my life. Because in this life the only thing it matters is to be real, to be happy and loved, love as much as you can. Love is food to your soul.

I will love you always all ways.

Lack of communication

How many times you miss understood a situation and got angry for no reason? But when there are reasons it is really frustrating to keep going and try to get people to see what you see and what do you expect from them: in my case, I expect presence even in an emoji. Just that. Is is too much to ask for?

After all the damage, you still love me

There are situations in your life that you have to make important decisions but sometimes you don’t chose the right things. Don’t act by impulses, think twice before you act like a child, you never know how much damage you can cause in the person’s you love heart. I was lucky this time but you can lose forever.

I love my sun


I thought you loved me

Hurts to realized that things have not changed like you thought.

I thought you loved me love me more than you say you do.

Two questions, two answers that came directly to my heart and brake it again in thousands of pieces.

Too much to ask? No, it is just the point of view, the way you see that story and the intensity of your feelings. I respect with all my heart your feelings but that doesn’t mean I didn’t come back to that point that I couldn’t breathe. It hurts, so much,


I am trying to write something but words did not come to my mind… sometimes I feel so lost and sometimes I want to conquer the world. I should go with the second option but it’s hard. I am in my own world with to many projects and I know I will do it.

Everything is going to be fine at last.

You in my life…SUN

I was away from a while but I am here now. I need to write, gives me energy.

There are changes in my life, big changes but great ones.

I have an inspiration, Sun is my inspiration in life.

I need the Sun to live to laugh and now to love.

I love the SUN

A letter for my Sun…


I was about to write my feelings last night, but I was so tired and didn’t want to do it like that.

I want to take the time to express my feelings openly and sincerely with someone who has put my world upside down in a good way.

The last 5 months, my life has changed gradually it came from completely dark to bright light.

The most beautiful sunshine has come to me and my whole life changed.

Everything started last year, he asked me if he can text to me and I said no. It was a little funny because I told him I was married and much older than him but he insisted. He saw the deep sadness in my eyes and he wasn’t wrong my soul was lost and sad.

We started texting every week, every other day, every day, every hour until we couldn’t  stop texting at all, days and nights even though we have different timing. We live on the other side of the world to each other. But we always find the way.

I always think there is a reason for everything in this world. He came to me because I needed to be loved and heard. I know he found me and he insisted because he saw something in me that he only could see.

I feel something special for you my love, I feel alive when I think about you and I am crying while I´m writing this letter. I am afraid too, I am afraid of too many things but the most scary thing is to lose you. We all know we have to leave this world some day but I am not prepared to lose you.

I know I have a life already and it makes things complicated sometimes but you are so good to me and you understand me. You love me and I know you got through so many things that broke you but I´m trying to paste all the pieces of your soul that were broken and I think I’m already doing it.

I want you to know that I can be sad, mad, upset, angry and all but I never, ever gonna leave you and I want you to believe my words and don´t take my anger as a sign to leave you because I will never do it.

Forgive me for my fears, anxiety, doubts I was never be like that in my whole life, this is new to me. I want you to know that. I suffered a lot but never experienced such a feeling my sun. I don´t cry for nobody, I don´t cry at all and look at me now. I can express myself with you and that is something that I want to live everyday only with you by my side.



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