Finding the real me

I have experienced so many things in my life, I have cried, fallen, loved, but most of all, I have found me in so many ways.

The last few weeks I’ve been living so many things, some of them good and some of them not too good. But all of those experiences only taught me to appreciate me more than anything or anyone.

I don’t think people is bad, we let them be bad to us. Self respect is one of the most important thing in life.

I love my family and love my friends. All of them

I wasn’t hurt this time, nobody did anything wrong to me. I just realized how important and value I can be for others and I didn’t like the results.

That’s why I thank every day to have my soulmate by my side, to guide me and to show me how loved and valued I Can be. No one like him. No one…

Thanks my love for such a big and blessed heart. I will be lost without you, I want you to know that for me, loyalty is priceless.

I care for others so much and I don’t receive the same that’s why my mind and heart ❤️ breaks a little.

Please forgive my ways to manage things, my silence sometimes is not the best way but I needed.

I love you 💕

Moon 🌙

How do I survive without you?

I know I can, maybe not before maybe not a year ago but now… now is so different, this love of us is beyond any difficulty, more than any powerful force, we are us.

Im here my love, I will always be here by your side.

Just trust me…love me…

Moon 🌙

Long time no see

There are times usually when I’m 😞 sad that I write more than read or listen music. When I write, my mind just fly and imagine all the good things that have happened to me in the last months, encountered myself, control my emotions, being happy with my soulmate that gives me love in all possible forms, love myself more than anything or anyone in the whole wide world. Life is just a little passage in this road, live it as is the last day every day…till your last breath

To my precious sun ☀️ my inspiration

There is something …

There is something I would love to express in words, because I can…

Only someone like you, can make me feel the way I do.

The tears of joy and all the feelings I have when I’m with you.

I’ve never met someone with such heart ❤️ , someone who respects me and cares about me the way you do.

I know I’m blessed, you are my angel, my bright sun ☀️

There is something I have to tell you …

I Love you ❤️

Moon 🌙

Need to say it !!

There was a past life and you. You became my present and my future. You became all the wonderful things I feel. It’s like a paradise in the middle of a desert, water to my body and soul, water because I couldn’t live without it ❤️.

My love, our connection is so strong and real that I finally understand the value of it, unconditional, with no limits and endless.

It took a year to finally get what is this amazing bond we have. I can’t even express it in words.

Feel a person when is miles away is not easy but I do. I can feel your pain, fears, happiness and tears. But most important of all, I can feel your love.

You, my love are the only person in my life that I’m not afraid to share my feelings with. And all the rest of my life you will be with me…

To the love of my life

My SUN ☀️ Tarik

My day

If you ask me how my day was, I can tell you it was amazing but would you believe me? There are people who make me feel amazing and that’s all it matters for me. New feeling, new experience, new me. Feeling great. Life could be hard but it’s always a way out… enjoy!!


My Friend

Hi, thank you for be my friend. It is really awesome to make friends and the fact that they turn in someone really special in your life.

Learning from you and with you!!

Really happy today…

Not a good day

Friends come and go, people always add things to your life, bad or good. They teach us the value of our own life.

I trust, maybe that’s my bad. To trust people too soon. I keep doing it and I keep losing people I thought would stay.

I miss texts, I miss to know people, I miss the feeling of having someone expecting what I’m expecting.

Life is a shit sometimes…I just thought this time it was going to be different. I’ll miss you.

What I feel in my heart

There is so much I can tell about how my heart can feel about you, about us. But nothing will never describe exactly what I can feel because included me can realize that.

I just know I’m happier if I see you, I glow if I know about you even with one word, knowing that you exist is all I can ask for.

Thank God I have you in my life and thank you for finding your moon because you made me find my Sun.

I love you more than me


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