There is something …

There is something I would love to express in words, because I can…

Only someone like you, can make me feel the way I do.

The tears of joy and all the feelings I have when I’m with you.

I’ve never met someone with such heart ❤️ , someone who respects me and cares about me the way you do.

I know I’m blessed, you are my angel, my bright sun ☀️

There is something I have to tell you …

I Love you ❤️

Moon 🌙

Need to say it !!

There was a past life and you. You became my present and my future. You became all the wonderful things I feel. It’s like a paradise in the middle of a desert, water to my body and soul, water because I couldn’t live without it ❤️.

My love, our connection is so strong and real that I finally understand the value of it, unconditional, with no limits and endless.

It took a year to finally get what is this amazing bond we have. I can’t even express it in words.

Feel a person when is miles away is not easy but I do. I can feel your pain, fears, happiness and tears. But most important of all, I can feel your love.

You, my love are the only person in my life that I’m not afraid to share my feelings with. And all the rest of my life you will be with me…

To the love of my life

My SUN ☀️ Tarik

My day

If you ask me how my day was, I can tell you it was amazing but would you believe me? There are people who make me feel amazing and that’s all it matters for me. New feeling, new experience, new me. Feeling great. Life could be hard but it’s always a way out… enjoy!!


My Friend

Hi, thank you for be my friend. It is really awesome to make friends and the fact that they turn in someone really special in your life.

Learning from you and with you!!

Really happy today…

Not a good day

Friends come and go, people always add things to your life, bad or good. They teach us the value of our own life.

I trust, maybe that’s my bad. To trust people too soon. I keep doing it and I keep losing people I thought would stay.

I miss texts, I miss to know people, I miss the feeling of having someone expecting what I’m expecting.

Life is a shit sometimes…I just thought this time it was going to be different. I’ll miss you.

What I feel in my heart

There is so much I can tell about how my heart can feel about you, about us. But nothing will never describe exactly what I can feel because included me can realize that.

I just know I’m happier if I see you, I glow if I know about you even with one word, knowing that you exist is all I can ask for.

Thank God I have you in my life and thank you for finding your moon because you made me find my Sun.

I love you more than me


My love for you

Things without explanation

As you can see in my eyes

Rising sun above me

Invencible and wise

Know any other love like this?

Have you ever ask for it ?

Us is the answer for everything

Sadness is no longer a feeling

Amazing things are coming my love

Irreplaceable like you and me

Never ending story of love.

Love and Corona virus

I have been in so many circumstances in my life but this special one is so difficult.

It put me away from everyone and everything I love, my job, my family, different places and all. But there is something I did not mention yet, my love. I don’t have the honor to meet him yet but I miss him every day. Internet doesn’t work properly, lots of work, people around and other things too. I’m not gonna give up on this, I have to meet my prince in this life. There are so many things that came to my head this 19 days of lockdown but one is for sure the most relevant, we will be together soon. We will hug and kiss and talk walking around because his face is my sunshine, his smile is food to my soul…don’t forget my words, I never lie…and I will write my story in this blog, I promise

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